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NARAtions NARA Coast to Coast: The Coupon Craze of the 1940s

NARA Coast to Coast: The Coupon Craze of the 1940s. by Katie Dishman on December 19, 2011. The economy has been at the top of the newscasts, not to mention peoples' thoughts, for several years now with no end in sight. Although there 

Goldfish Swallowing (1940's)

The Goldfish Swallowing Craze of the 1940's Other Colleges Join in on the Goldfish Swallowing Fad. Swallowing Goldfish in the 1940's With the inadvertent media exposure, news of Withington swallowing a live goldfish 

The Jitterbug Dance (1940's)

The Jitterbug was very popular shortly before World War II and continued its craze throughout wartime. American GIs in Europe spread the jitterbug dance to their overseas counterparts (despite loud protests from European 

1940's Hairstyles ? The Sidesweep Craze ? 1945. | Glamourdaze

Create one of the hottest 1940s Hairstyles- - A Carolyn Van Wycks report for in 1945. - You will need your hairdresser or a talented friend.

vintage everyday: The 'No Hat' Craze, c.1940

The 'No Hat' Craze, c.1940. Hat workers ponder the implication of the "no hat craze", c.1940 ©The Luton News (via) ? Labels: 1940s, fashion, life, women · Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) 

Egyptian Chronicles: Between Ganz' Egypt And The Bulaq Crazes

A constant face with a flamboyant style that you will wonder if he lives in the same Egypt like those workers who slept for 45 days in the street or those villages with no water or electricity access still living in the 1940s !

The Antioxidant Craze: Do They Work? | Science-Based Life

Their story began in the 1940s when a physician-chemist named Denham Harman set out to determine the biochemical explanation for aging. As a young man, he had worked in the lubricating department of Shell?a place 

How the Coastline Craze Caught On ? The Wall Street Journal | Surf

Pacific System was one of the first companies to mass-produce surfboards in the U.S., and if you bought one of their homes in Southern California in the 1940s it most likely came with a free surfboard. Even as surfing became 

5 Fitness Crazes That Took the World by Storm

by Jorge Lopez. There have been numerous fitness fads throughout the decades that have come and gone, while some are here to stay. The way and how much we exercise has also changed a lot: - In the 1940s women 

Aireview Slots ? Play the Free Aviator 1940's Big Band Spin Craze

Look! Get a load of this! It's king-size slot machine fun featuring graphics from the golden age of aviation. It's big! It's really big! It's a gas!

Leading European food importer celebrates 70 years

The New Zealand food industry is notoriously fickle with players coming and going.

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Abstracts Of Papers Presented At The 1999 SEM Annual Meeting

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology Austin, Texas November 18-21, 1999 [Abstracts are shown exactly as printed (1 day ago)

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