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NARA Coast to Coast: The Coupon Craze of the 1940s | NARAtions

The economy has been at the top of the newscasts, not to mention peoples' thoughts, for several years now with no end in sight. Although there has been prosperity since World War II, during the difficult war years the 

The planets of the Solar System, according to crazed pulp comics

The planets of the Solar System, according to crazed pulp comics of the 1940s. Back in the Forties, the science fiction rag Planet Comics published the ongoing feature "Life On Other Worlds." This section peppered scientific 

The Jitterbug Dance (1940's)

The Jitterbug was very popular shortly before World War II and continued its craze throughout wartime. American GIs in Europe spread the jitterbug dance to their overseas counterparts (despite loud protests from European 

1940s Hairstyles ? The Sidesweep Craze of 1945 | Glamourdaze

Tilted hats create side-swept hairdos - 1940s hairstyles bend to suit the new hat designs of the mid 1940s Off-to-one-side! It's the most talked of fashion.

Goldfish Swallowing (1940's)

The Goldfish Swallowing Craze of the 1940's Other Colleges Join in on the Goldfish Swallowing Fad. Swallowing Goldfish in the 1940's With the inadvertent media exposure, news of Withington swallowing a live goldfish 

Baby Boomers Facts & Summary

(In 1940, the average American woman got married when she was almost 22 years old; in 1956, the average American woman got married when she was just 20. And just 8 percent of married women in the 1940s opted But manufacturers and marketers had their eyes on another group of shoppers as well: the millions of relatively affluent boomer children, many of whom could be persuaded to participate in all kinds of consumer crazes. Baby boomers bought mouse-ear hats to wear 

The Board Game Craze (1890's)

As a result of increased available leisure time, the demand increased for children's board games which set of a board game craze in the 1890's.

The Antioxidant Craze: Do They Work? | Science-Based Life

Their story began in the 1940s when a physician-chemist named Denham Harman set out to determine the biochemical explanation for aging. As a young man, he had worked in the lubricating department of Shell?a place 

100 Years of Women's Exercise in One Heartracing Video

The Women's League of Health and Beauty ? now called The Fitness League ? was a British health craze started in 1930 by Mary Bagot Stack to help get women involved in group exercise. According 1940 ? Here Come the Glamour Girls.

Definition of 1940s

the decade from to 1949