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Fashion Crazes from The Past |

Before the 1940's shoulder pads had been ignored in the fashion industry but were made a craze with the help of Crawford. With large jewels and floral prints to follow Crawford was one of the main ladies to show everyone how it's done.

NARAtions NARA Coast to Coast: The Coupon Craze of the 1940s

NARA Coast to Coast: The Coupon Craze of the 1940s. by Katie Dishman on December 19, 2011. The economy has been at the top of the newscasts, not to mention peoples' thoughts, for several years now with no end in sight. Although there 

1940's Hairstyles ? The Sidesweep Craze ? 1945. | Glamourdaze

Create one of the hottest 1940s Hairstyles- - A Carolyn Van Wycks report for in 1945. - You will need your hairdresser or a talented friend.

vintage everyday: Vintage Photos of Chicago's Cycling Craze

Bike racer Bill Jacoby was an amateur racer in the 1940s and a regular six-day racer in the 1950s. Jacoby, along with teammate and fellow Chicagoan Ed Carfagnini, won many races at the Humboldt Park bicycle bowl during 

The Jitterbug Dance (1940's)

The Jitterbug was very popular shortly before World War II and continued its craze throughout wartime. American GIs in Europe spread the jitterbug dance to their overseas counterparts (despite loud protests from European 

vintage everyday: The 'No Hat' Craze, c.1940

The 'No Hat' Craze, c.1940 Labels: 1940s, fashion, life, women These are beautiful color photographs of New York City between the early 1940's to the early 1960's, photographed by Charles W. Cush Leicester of 1948.

How the Coastline Craze Caught On ? The Wall Street Journal | Surf

Pacific System was one of the first companies to mass-produce surfboards in the U.S., and if you bought one of their homes in Southern California in the 1940s it most likely came with a free surfboard. Even as surfing became 

5 Fitness Crazes That Took the World by Storm

by Jorge Lopez. There have been numerous fitness fads throughout the decades that have come and gone, while some are here to stay. The way and how much we exercise has also changed a lot: - In the 1940s women 

The Rockabilly Craze Is Making a Comeback

The term ?rockabilly? refers to the rock and roll and country music of the 1940s and '50s, but it is equally associated with the vintage styles of the time. It was an era of make do and mend, of value, and frugality. The 1940's 

From Cupcake Craze to Puffy Phase | Rosemary Counter

In the 1940s, American inventors turned the delicacy into the mass-produced commercial variety we know today. ?Now we've come to this interesting time in the culinary world where people are making things from scratch that they'd typically 

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the decade from to 1949